Things to Know About Running Supplements


Before, runners basically depend on sports drink, water and even on flat cola as their main source of energy supplement in case there have to run for longer running events. Today, we are very fortunate because technology let us understand better about sports nutrition. It is now being improved, that is why we have lot of options when it comes on running supplements.

Running supplement simply pertains on carbohydrate dominant, which greatly helps on replenishing those depleted energy stores. It also makes sure that your muscles will stay strong, agile and functions properly. There’s no harm if you will take running supplements but as much as possible choose natural products. So, do you already know now what possible ingredients you need to look for on buying running supplements?  If not, then the following could help you:

  • Fish Oil

It is known that Omega-3 fatty acids do contains fish oil, which give good effect  on the body of a runner. It boosts up lean body mass, support the cardiovascular health and lessens their muscle soreness. They may eat at a minimum of three servings of the fatty fishes such as sable fish and salmon. Aside from wearing   their running gear, runners should also take this additional supplement for extra protection against sickness. But they have to make sure that they would check the amount of EPA and DHA acids on a specific supplement. It must contain more than 500 mg.

  • Celadrin

In running, our joints suffer the most.  However, through celadrin, they can aid our joints right on the cellular level. It is mainly made of fatty acids, which lubricates various cell membranes and then lessening the pain in bones and joints. Therefore, it greatly helps on the improvement of the flexibility. Aside from that, this is not only good our joints. It could also benefit our deep tissues, muscles and tendons as well. It can be in the form of gel and cream, which is penetrating your skin deeply.

  •  Vitamin D and Calcium

Going back on the lessons we have learned from school, calcium is important to maintain healthy nerves and muscles and strong bones. You can say that you already have enough calcium in your body if you intake 3 serving of dairy every day. However, taking in calcium is not enough. This must goes along with the proper intake of Vitamin D since it will allow the absorption of calcium in our body. This also helps on the prevention of breast cancer, diabetes as well as heart disease. Unluckily, you can only found vitamin D in some foods and it is only being generated by the UV rays.

Magnesium is one of the must-have supplements you really need when you are fond of running. It is vital on the endurance performance, which means it is essential particularly for marathon runners. Endurance sports such as marathon could deplete the magnesium that you have on your body. Likewise, this is also crucial on the nervous system, strong muscles, cardiovascular health and bones.

  • Protein

Runners should take in more protein than an average inactive individual. With protein, it could ensure the growth of the muscle and at the same time, contain significant Amino Acids which do support the muscle right after the work out session.

Are Running Supplement Safe?

The answer on this question can be compared when you are buying your running clothes. In purchasing clothes, you should identify the kind of materials and fabric used on it so you can tell if you could get comfort while wearing them. So, in choosing running supplements, you should first research about it thoroughly or at least consult your physician.This way, you could precisely tell that you are taking safe running supplements.

There are lot of variety you can avail in the market and you might even get overwhelmed on it. Actually, there are some supplement who are more dangerous than beneficial they seems to be. They keep on claiming things, which are not true. Therefore, you have to be more careful in choosing the right one. Also, keep in mind that moderation in dosage is necessary. More is never better when it comes on the right dosage. Always stick with the recommended dosage so  you can avoid any possible risk or taking in too much.

Runners would typically look for excellent ways on how they will boost up their endurance, performance and overall health.  This could be effective of course, if they are integrating with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise routine. There’s nothing wrong on it, since they are just aiming for the best of their career and interest. But as stated above, it is really important that you are aware of the possible risk you might be facing when you pick the wrong running supplement.